Saturday, January 29, 2022

#Franklin CAN (fill in the blank!)

Franklin is a caring community. It has been known to come out, show up, support when needed. Time, and time again.

#Franklin community action now (CAN)

Members of the Franklin Area Nonprofit Network (FANN) need to take advantage of this to accomplish what each organization is focused on. The FANN will help in that effort.
  1. When community action is needed, your organization can plan accordingly. Devise whatever is required for fund raising, collection, pick up, etc.
  2. As you communicate to your followers, send the event or action to the FANN. We'll put it on the calendar
  3. Mark your social media communications with the hashtag #FranklinCAN(fill in the blanks)
  4. The FANN and other members can share the hashtag to help spread the word on your effort
So easy!

You do what you need to do and with the #FranklinCAN(fill in the blanks) hashtag, the FANN can help spread the word to make your event or effort more successful.

#FranklinCAN(fill in the blank)

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