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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Franklin Area Nonprofit Network (FANN) moves to Mon, Aug 30, 2021

With Henri in MA, we are moving the meeting out one week to Aug 30, 2021 - same time, same links. This gives folks time to do whatever with Henri, and then time to prepare for next week.

In advance of our next meeting, you have time to:

1 - Review the Mission, Vision and Core Values in prep for review and discussion

2 - Respond to the survey questions on your organization’s grant needs so we can help to coordinate the best response for the group.

  • Survey on grants:

3 - Friendly reminder:  sign up to introduce your group/org  

4 - The meeting has been created in Facebook to enable sharing:

Facebook event -> 

5 - Check out the updated listing of nonprofits

Use the form to make updates, changes, or additions

FANN Meeting scheduled for Aug 30, 2021
FANN Meeting scheduled for Aug 30, 2021

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Priya Parker: "The way we gather has been changed forever"

Returning from a weekend away, I caught up to listen to a two-part podcast series with Brene Brown and Priya Parker. It is well worth listening to for anyone conducting meetings or working in a community (formal or informal, work related or otherwise).

Priya Parker writes:
"The way we gather has been changed forever. How will we come together moving forward?  
This past year, we've had to figure out how to teach and wed and learn and work and graduate and worship and organize and celebrate and mourn without being physically together.

At long last, gathering is coming back. This re-emergence is the ultimate gathering makeover. And we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to experiment, re-imagine, and dream up how we want to gather now. 

Let’s gather again as we never have before. Join me in this exploration this summer. "  Visit
Priya talks with Brene Brown in a two-part series, here is the link to Part 1

and the link to the Meeting Makeover talked about in Part 2