Monday, July 25, 2022

Franklin Cultural Council looking for Franklin nonprofits in Arts & Culture arena for "Community Culture Lane" - Sep 10

Hi Franklin community,

The Franklin Cultural Council is looking for a few extra non-profits to participate in the upcoming Franklin Cultural Festival, slated for Saturday, September 10 from 12-6 PM.

We've created a section of the festival called the  "Community Cultural Lane". This area will feature non-profit Arts & Cultural booths that would like to promote themselves and educate the community about their services.
  • Booths must fit under the arts and cultural "umbrella".
  • Organizations must provide their own tent and table.
  • Informational pamphlets and materials are encouraged.
  • Games with prizes or interactive booths are encouraged.
  • Booths are not allowed to sell products or fund raise in any way.
We are really excited to provide space for this! Franklin has so many incredible arts and cultural organizations. For our community to see them all lined up in one area will be really enlightening! 

Please reach out to us at:

"Community Unity" returns as theme for the Franklin Cultural Festival - Sep 10
 "Community Unity" returns as theme for the Franklin Cultural Festival - Sep 10

Monday, July 18, 2022

Query from the Franklin Food Pantry for FANN for assistance with food shopping rides

Marsha Tait, Director Of Development with the Franklin Food Pantry sent this: 

"We have an inquiry for the FANN – wondering if any of the agencies gives rides to people for grocery shopping etc.?  Some of our clients do not have transportation and GATRA can be very inconvenient (due to long wait times).  
We are looking for assistance for people who shop by appointment in particular – thinking a ride here, max. 1 hour shopping time, a ride home.  Currently on Thursday and Friday mornings only."

If any of the Franklin Area Nonprofit Network organizations can help in this regard, feel free to contact me ( shersteve at gmail dot com) or Marsha directly (mtait at franklinfoodpantry dot org)

Franklin Food Pantry
Franklin Food Pantry