Friday, May 21, 2021

FANN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Recall that the Franklin Area Nonprofit Network (FANN) - is a Fanntastic group!!!

Q - Why start this group?

A - We started because 

  • The business community has the Franklin Downtown Partnership or the United Regional Chamber of Commerce/Milford Chamber of Commerce to provide a ‘circle of friends’ for networking, sharing, etc.

  • The cultural organizations also have their new ‘circle of friends’ with the Franklin Cultural District designation and the coordination lead by the Franklin Cultural District Committee

  • The nonprofits based in Franklin did not (yet) have a similar ‘circle of friends’ to coordinate with, and yet of the groups/organizations or small businesses in the area, they could very well be the group most in need of one.

  • Hence, the desire to facilitate this gathering of the approx. 100 nonprofits based in Franklin. Ultimately the scope was decided to expand to include those 'serving' Franklin, not just those 'based' here.

Q - What are the Objectives for the group?

A - There are some initial objectives (so far) and we anticipate more to come as we go. Thus far we have

  1. Confirm listing of nonprofits and key contacts

  2. Facilitate a series of meetings to bring these folks to the table  

    1. Help them understand who is around the table (introductions)

    2. Record the intros for reuse by each group and by Franklin TV, radio as promos for the nonprofits 

  3. Determine what the group wants to do going forward

  4. Minor but important detail take-aways

    1. Update the social services listing kept by the Town of Franklin

    2. Reinforce use of the Community calendar for event communications/awareness and importantly, planning future events 

    3. Leverage Franklin.TV, and Franklin Matters to "amplify the public good"

    4. other items to be determined by the group

Q - How do we find out who is included in this group?
A - The working list can be found on the web page. If you don't find an org that you think should be on the listing, use the form to add it. Or notify someone within that group so they can provide the accurate information for the listing.

Q - Our group is not a service-oriented group, should we still participate?
A - Yes, while we have the near term goal of updating the service directory, all nonprofits serving Franklin would benefit from the work we anticipate this group to do. There are a number of problems all nonprofits face, and the power of the group to help each other is what we look to tap into.

Q - Is there a membership fee?
A - No. We anticipate this being an informal group powered by volunteers with some infrastructure support provided by Franklin.TV. We anticipate the the time and effort of individuals representing the nonprofits should be able to provide enough for the group to succeed. The group may decide to become more formal (i.e. 501(c)3, etc.) at which point it may be appropriate to discuss membership. 

FANN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
FANN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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