Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Franklin Area NonProfit Network (FANN): meeting info and ACTIONS for April 19, 2021

Coming out of the Franklin Area NonProfit Network (FANN) kickoff meeting (3/29/21), we have the following notes and Actions

  • Frequency – at least monthly until we get up and running 

  • Will try and lock in a standard day/time 

  • Initial phase is for members to get to know each other.  This phase is expected to take anywhere from 4-10 meetings, depending on how many organizations want to get involved and the speed at which we can conduct the introductions.  Intent is to invite 10-12 organizations per meeting and provide them up to 5 mins each to tell all about their organization; with a focus on their mission, highlighting services provided and target audience.

  • During the introduction portion, all should listen carefully to identify touchpoints of connection, potential help or cross referral. 

    • Issues raised from the organization will be placed in the parking lot for future consideration by the group (address via an ad-hoc small group to study or as an upcoming FANN Topic, or ??) 

  • First topic up is Media 101 and speaker is Pete Fasciano, Franklin Community Cable (Franklin TV, Franklin Public Radio) 

  • Also, will want to address creation of Leadership/Steering Comm and Website in either housekeeping or wrap up


Organizations can sign up for the “get to know each list” 

We’ll confirm the orgs and order of presentations before each meeting

Meeting agenda for April 19, 2021

700 PM Call to order, review agenda and any housekeeping Steve Sherlock

710 PM Introductions NPO 1 

715 PM NPO 2 

720 PM NPO 3 

725 PM NPO 4 

730 PM NPO 5 

735 PM NPO 6 

740 PM NPO 7 

745 PM NPO 8 

750 PM NPO 9 

755 PM NPO 10

800 PM FANN Topic for the month TBD  

820 PM Wrap Up, Actions, Next Month agenda Steve Sherlock 

(NPO introductions on schedule, Topic for the month…)


830 PM Adjourn  

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