Thursday, March 18, 2021

Franklin Area Non-profit Network - Mar 29, 2021 - 7:00 PM

The local businesses have their circle of friends so to speak with the Franklin Downtown Partnership, or the United Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The local cultural organizations also have a circle of friends through the Cultural District. 

How about the non-profit organizations? 

Therefore, on March 29, 2021, we'll gather together the non-profit organizations serving Franklin, MA to 

  1. create awareness of the work and services being provided by each org 
  2. to improve the referral capability for each org 
  3. to share best practices among the orgs
The group will be called the Franklin Area Non-profit Network, or FANN, and hence it will be a fanntastic group!

Sign up for the virtual meeting link at the Facebook event

The notes for my Citizens Comment at the Town Council meeting March 17

Monday, Mar 29, 7 PM

Kick off session to gather the non-profit organizations serving Franklin for a couple of reasons

1 - to create awareness about the work and services being provided by each organization 

2 - to improve the referral  capability of each org

3 - to share best practices between organizations 

The Franklin Area Non-profit Network or FANN  will be a fanntastic organization  

What to remember  

If you manage or operate a non-profit, consider joining the kickoff. At least follow us to see what we do 

If you volunteer for one of the more than one hundred non-profits based here, thank you for volunteering. Mention the next time you do volunteer that you heard about this and see if they are participating  

While I mentioned 'based' here, we know there are other organizations serving Franklin based elsewhere,  they are also welcome 

You hear more about this as the 29th gets closer. There is a Facebook event you can find and share. There will be additional news spreading through the social channels but we wanted this group and viewers to hear it. 

Any questions,  feel free to reach out to me for now, we will have a web page and other pieces coming soon

The non-profits serving Franklin do a whole lot of good, this gathering we believe should help them do what they do

March 29, 7 pm 

Franklin Area Non-profit Network - Mar 29, 2021 - 7:00 PM
Franklin Area Non-profit Network - Mar 29, 2021 - 7:00 PM

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